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Sandra Anderson, CAEM, CLC, MIN

Elements of Well-Being
Owner/Director of Center for Well-Being Lake Country, LLC
301 Cottonwood Ave., Hartland, WI 53029

Why I do what I do…

This is an amazing time we are living in, one that encourages us to expand our consciousness and root ourselves in our own truth and purpose.

Most of us live our life within the framework of our relationships and responsibilities and trust that we do it in the best way we know how and to the best of our abilities. But we can loose ourselves in the doing of our life, in the busy activities of the day to day. We can loose our identity, our joy, our focus, and our zest for life.

The journey back to finding ‘ourselves’ isn’t out there it’s the inner journey where we find our true selves and learn to trust and love ourselves again without regret or guilt. When we are fully ourselves and filled with acceptance and unconditional love we have more to share with others without stress, anxiety, or fear.

The holistic and metaphysical philosophy of health and wellness provides tools and techniques to create harmony and balance in your life – whatever that means to you. Everyone’s journey is personal and self-directed.

I believe in this approach in partnership with traditional models of health and wellness. I don’t believe it’s one or the other. It’s also important to have clarity of what that looks like for you personally. It’s important to take back control. Listen to your gut, to your inner guidance and reconnect to your internal GPS. It will never steer you wrong. More info on services
Teresa Karolek, LMT
Phone: 262-719-8601

Whether you are looking for relaxation, relief from general pain or treatment for a specific problem, you're in the right place.

I have extensive knowledge in relaxation therapy as well as a variety of therapeutic treatment techniques for specific issues including Connective Tissue, Trigger point, and Hot Stone therapy. My background as an Occupational Therapist combined with my Massage Therapy experience allows me to assist clients in utilizing alternative approaches in taking steps towards total wellness.

General Hours:

  • Monday 9am until 7pm
  • Tuesday 9am until 5:30pm
  • Wednesday 9am until 1pm
  • Thursday 1:30pm until 7pm
  • Friday 9am until 1pm
  • Second Saturday of the month until about 1pm


  • New clients please contact me before scheduling your first appointment.
  • Existing clients may use the link below to schedule your next appointment.
  • If you prefer, email or call me to schedule.

Erin Harkness

Changing your external world begins by shifting from within, and my mission is to guide and support you through this energetic process. I started Soulful Energy Healing because I wanted to be the healer for others that I sought during my own healing journey, combining the practices and methods I found most transformative in my own life for my clients.

I believe we store memories and experiences in our bodies as energy, which can lead to bodily pain, emotional blockages, anxiety, depression, repeating the same patterns, failed relationships, and more. Energy healing is such a powerful modality because it allows me to directly transmute and release your old energy to ease your path forward and help you embody more of who you truly are at a soul level, not who life has made you. My energy work enables you to release your past, reintegrate parts of you that you thought you’d lost, more fully embody your “soul self”, increase your stability and inner peace, and stop negative cycles from repeating. On a short-term basis, my energy work is wonderful for relaxation, emotional wellness, spiritual realignment, and stress relief!

Through a combination of Reiki, innate energy healing abilities, intuitive abilities, and soul retrievals we will work together to increase your spiritual wellness and improve your everyday quality of life.

To schedule your hour-long phone or in person session, please email me at

Diane Seymour

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to body flows, from dance to aerobics and finally finding my ideal practice in yoga. I’ve been practicing yoga for many years, and teaching for more than 5. I truly believe that Yoga is for “Every Body”, and I try to create an environmental that allows people to be at ease, with no judgment, expectation or competition. Throw in a few laughs and giggles, and you have an ideal way to take a break from the normal distractions of everyday life and just “be”. We welcome new yogis with open arms. The benefits of yoga include flexibility, balance, joint health, better breathing, pain prevention, and muscle tone, and on the softer side, calmness, stress reduction and a general feeling of well-being.

Rebecca deVogel, LMT
Conscious Massage & Bodywork

In sessions with Rebecca, your whole being is engaged--your physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual "bodies"--as one. You are invited to release aches and pains, move energy and emotions that are stuck in your tissue, find ease, comfort, peace and freedom, integrate new intentions, and enjoy your natural, vibrant health and energy.

Intuitive, Awakening Bodywork
Peace (Relaxation) Massage
Lomi Lomi
Therapeutic Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Warm Bamboo Massage
Lightbody Energy Work - Reiki
Swedish Massage
Lymphatic Drainage
Myofascial Release
Sports Massage
Chair Massage

Elise Eaton Trasser B.S., M.S.O.M.
“Creating Joy and Well Being through Self-Cultivation”
SPECIALTY: Holistic Health Practitioner & Educator
Elise has been a wellness practitioner for over 15 years, beginning her practice in the area of Traditional Naturopathy and Functional Medicine and now incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture as a Master’s degreed Oriental Medicine practitioner. She hopes to inspire & empower individuals to take responsibility for their wellness. “ It is my goal to hold a space for individuals and to challenge them to stretch out of their comfort zone through prevention education and life coaching I receive great satisfaction in seeing each client develop at their own pace toward embracing lifestyle changes that will affect their health for the positive, for years to come. It is when the client achieves that moment of revelation…that missing piece that catapults them into the place of empowerment that gives me a great sense of pride for the work we team up to do together.”

Elise’s philosophy is that the body will respond innately to healing itself if given the proper support. Each individual will receive a customized program, which will address sources of stress whether emotional, psychological, physical, structural, or chemical. Once the appropriate stress is identified, practitioner and client can work together to achieve the desired goals. A whole foods philosophy in nutrition is a primary focus with education on the healing properties in foods. Additionally, each client will be introduced to natural therapies, acupuncture and specific programs based on individual needs.

Elise enjoys working with a variety of individuals ranging from athletes seeking to improve performance, individuals with weight management goals, individuals with specific deficiencies/chronic issues, pain management, nutritional healing for after cancer diagnosis, behavioral stress management or simply to continue on the wellness path.

Elise received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from UW-Madison and is a graduate of the Loomis Institute as an Enzyme and Digestive Health Specialist. She received an additional Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and her Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine. She is also a trained Reiki Master Practitioner.

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