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Energetic Structural Rebalancing
During this session you will lay fully clothed on a massage table as I gently place my hands on various areas of the body to evaluate the flow of your energy. This evaluation is to determine the quality of the flow and to determine where a resistance my be impeding the free movement of your life force energy.

Following the evaluation focused intention is given to one or more of these areas with the intention to release the excess energy, tension, and allow the body to shift and release in its best possible way to bring a balanced state back into the body.

Each body is unique based on it’s history therefore each session is uniquely different.

60-minute session $75
75-minute session $90
30-minute aura scan and 60-minute session $125

Holistic & Soul Coaching Packages
Holistic & Soul coaching is a form of life coaching with the specific intention of accessing awareness and clarity from your soul. Combing the dual approach within these sessions allows you to dig deeper into what is blocking you from being what you want to be and doing what you want to do.

Our soul, who we are at our core, is always trying to communicate with us and by being open and trusting you can grow and expand in ways that have been eluding you.

Being open to receive the gift within our challenges is an awesome experience.

Single sessions of 90-minutes $100
(After your 90-minute session you can upgrade to the six-session package for the 5 remaining sessions)
Six-sessions of 60-mintes each $300

Dream Analysis:
What are your dreams trying to tell you? In Dream Analysis we open to the message/s of your subconscious during your dream state through a series of questions based on the various aspects of the dream itself. Sometimes they may seem bizarre but that is the beauty of the dream, the subconscious gives us images, feelings, thoughts and through the evaluation process a message is revealed. It is the only way our subconscious knows how to communicate with us. And the subconscious never ever lies to us so it is our responsibility to ‘dig’ for the truth.

A session can be the focus of one dream or several it depends on the scope of information available during the discovery process. Is the dream a one shot wonder that brings you clarity needed to solve a problem or situation in your life? Or, is it a reoccurring dream that brings a history of a repeating issue that needs attention?

30-minute session $35
60-mintue session $55

Aura Scan
During an aura scan I will offer information that is intuitively received from your energy field. This scan may also include any additional information received from your guides and angels who watch over you. My intention is to only invite guidance for your highest and best good.

You will leave with your personal scan and are encouraged to use it for reflection following your session.

60-minute session $125

Metaphysical: based on abstract reasoning; transcending physical matter
Holistic: characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account body, mind, and spirit
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